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If your outlets are all two-pronged, it’s time to upgrade them to the safer three-pronged design. Three-pronged outlets are grounded, protecting your home and appliances from surges, making for a more effective circuit that’s safer for your family. Tidal Electrical Services Services, Inc. can easily switch these outlets out for you.

Grounding Your Outlets Protects you From Electric Shock

Your electrical outlets need that third prong to help ground your appliances. If there is an electrical surge in that outlet, that surge could potentially fatally shock anyone who comes into contact with it. With the grounding prong on your plugs, the surge flows into the ground instead of through the body of whoever has touched that circuit.

We recommend switching out all your electrical outlets from the older two-pronged options to the safer three-pronged model. This process requires an experienced electrician. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that our Houston, TX and North Carolina outlet repair professionals can get the job done right – the first time.



You should never be surprised when your electrician delivers your bill. Before we perform services, we make sure to review your electrical needs and the proposed cost of those repairs. Our customers repeatedly report that our prices are not only competitive but also fair and honest. We never recommend repairs you don’t need, and we guarantee our upfront pricing principles.


Light Switch & Electrical Outlet FAQ

Can a Light Switch Go Bad?

Yes, a light switch can go bad. The most common symptom of a bad light switch is flickering lights or lights that dim when the switch is turned on. If you’re experiencing these issues, it’s time to replace your light switch.

What is the Red Wire in a Light Switch?

The red wire is the “hot” wire, which carries the electricity to the light fixture. If you’d like to learn more about electrical wire colors and what they indicate, check out our guide on wire colors.

Can You Paint Electrical Outlets?

We don’t recommend painting outlets, as this can damage the outlet and create a fire hazard. However, if you must paint an outlet, be sure to use non-conductive paint and avoid getting paint on the metal contacts.

What Should I do if My Electrical Outlet Starts Smoking?

If your outlet starts smoking, it’s a sign of a serious problem and you should call an electrician immediately. Do not use the outlet until it has been repaired by a professional.

Have a Dead Outlet? Ask a Professional.

Sometimes, power stops flowing into an outlet. If you have experienced a sudden loss of power in an outlet, you may simply have tripped a breaker. However, if it’s been a long time since you had power in that outlet, it may need completely replaced.

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