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Smart Locker Kiosks

It’s no secret that online shopping is booming. In fact, it’s estimated that the average multi-family complex is receiving up to 75 packages per day – and this can put a strain on property managers for implementing the best methods for getting these deliveries to the right tenants safely and securely. We suppose property managers could hand-deliver them to the doors of their residents, but that’s also very time consuming. Holding them at the front desk or in common areas is another option, but that can create chaos and disorganization where you likely need it the most. A better way is via automated smart locker kiosk installation, which provides a safe, secure place to store packages until residents are able to pick them up themselves. We’ll work with you to understand your property’s needs and install the right type of kiosk solution.



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Benefits of Smart Locker Kiosks

Like we said in the opening, smart locker kiosks present a safe, secure way to store packages that your residents order online until they're ready to come and pick them up. It takes responsibility out of the property manager's hands and places it all with the resident. But there are some other key benefits to having smart locker kiosks installed in your multi-family property as well. These include:

Reduced operational costs

Reduced operational costs:

You won't have to worry about packages getting picked up by the wrong resident and theft is greatly reduced by minimizing contact with anyone aside from who ordered the package in the first place.



Rather than running every package to the resident's door, delivery is automated and packages are housed inside the lockers for safe, secure storage. This allows property managers to do what they need to be doing in managing the property and doesn't cause any disruption to their everyday duties.



Finally, smart locker kiosks can serve as a key feature for marketing your property to potential new tenants. Today's would-be tenants aren't just looking for a place to live, but for the features and amenities that can help improve their quality of life. The safe, secure and efficient means of package delivery and retrieval that's offered by smart locker kiosks can help serve as an important selling point for your property. All tenants need to do to retrieve their packages is input the code they're sent upon delivery into the right locker.


Smart Locker Kiosk Installation

Curious about the best smart locker kiosk options for your multi-family property? That’s where we come in. With experience working with numerous different types of lockers and vendors, we can provide the electrical installation that is needed to have the smart locker kiosks up and running for your residents.


For more information on the benefits of automated smart locker kiosk installation and to learn more about how they would be a good fit in your multi-family property, contact us today.
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