From simple residential jobs to big, complex commercial work - at Tidal Electrical Services, we do it all.

Just as it can be difficult to find a reliable mechanic, plumber or contractor, we know that it can be equally challenging to find a reputable, honest and professional electrician as well. It's why for the past 30 years, we've strived to not just provide exceptional electrical service work to our wide range of clients throughout North Carolina and beyond, but also exceptional customer service. We're far from your typical electrician.


Greensboro Residential Electrician Services

We work to set the new standard for an electrician near Greensboro and the surrounding area, and the standard we set is a high one. To learn more about the range of residential, commercial and multi-family electrical services that we provide, continue reading this page. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

No job is too big or too small when you work with Tidal Electrical Services – and our commitment to your electrical wellbeing begins as soon as we answer your call and extends to long after we leave your property.

While we book appointments for non-urgent matters, rest assured that we always have electricians standing by in case your situation is more urgent or you’re experiencing an electrical emergency that cannot wait until morning to be resolved.

Furthermore, when you contact us – no matter whether it’s at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. – you can rest assured that you’ll talk to a person, not an answering machine.

We’re confident that we’ll be the last electrical company that you ever call, regardless of whether you’re seeking residential or commercial service.


Commercial Electrical Services near Greensboro, NC


Looking to have a new ceiling fan wired and installed in your bedroom? Adding on to your home and need the new area wired? Need a new electrical panel or looking to add a backup generator? From simple work like installing new outlets and switches to more complex work like electric car charger installation and code updates, let Tidal Electrical Service be your new go-to firm for all things residential.

We work with leading brands like Kohler and Generac, which complement our expert services. In addition to residential work, we also perform multi-family property work.

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When it comes to a business or commercial facility, any issues with electrical work can also mean a pause in business - and any lapse in business can mean lost revenue.

From electrical inspections to repairs and code upgrades, we'll take care of everything needed to keep your facility's electrical system functioning properly and safely. We service everything from restaurants to hotels to shopping malls and churches and are equipped to handle anything from outdoor lighting to control systems.

For more information on our range of electrical services and the array of properties that we're able to service, contact Tidal Electrical Services today. As Greensboro's most trusted electrical service provider, we aim to provide value every step of the way to ensure your electrical system is working well and our clients are completely satisfied with our service. Contact us today for more information.

Residential Electrical Repairs