6 Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Electrical systems tend to hide until you need them to do more than they are doing. That moment is the right time to schedule an inspection, but it is likely that you may need one prior to upgrades or repairs, as well.

It is too easy to assume that the electrical system is in good condition as long as it operates correctly. As your home ages, however, there may be issues lurking. Using these opportunities to schedule an electrical safety inspection can tell you more about your home and help you keep it running well in the future.

You Have an Electrical Problem

Many consults for electrical repairs start with an inspection, and for good reason. There are plenty of problems that may seem simple but indicate a possibly serious issue, including:

  • Odd smells from the use of equipment
  • Dim lights
  • Warm switches
  • Flickering lights
  • Unusually high energy consumption


In these instances, the source of the problem may not be obvious. An inspection can give you a sense of all of the issues you may need to address.

Your Home Has Damage

After a big storm or other natural occurrences, your home may sustain damage that affects the electrical system. For example, a flood could submerge your electrical wiring for a period of time. Before you can safely turn it back on and plug your appliances back in, it is wise to schedule an inspection. The results can show you the sites of damage and help you form a plan to repair them for your safety.

You Want to Upgrade

Extending the use of your home is a great way to improve your use of it, but it often puts a strain on your existing electrical system. Sometimes, upgrades like an outdoor living space or home addition require an upgrade to your circuit panel and new electrical lines. An inspection shows you what you have now, so you can determine how much to expand.

You Just Bought a Home

Although a general home inspection is a common part of the home buying process, it may not tell you everything you need to know about your electrical system. Inspectors do not cut into walls, so they may not know the condition or age of the wiring. Electricians can provide a more complete picture.

You Own an Older Home

Older homes often have complicated wiring, with many upgrades over the years. By hiring an expert for an inspection, you can formulate a plan to keep your wiring current to your needs.

Your Insurance Provider Requires an Inspection

Homeowners’ insurance may require an inspection to determine that your electrical system is safe and ready for use. Scheduling the inspection and fixing any problems that come up may be a condition of opening a policy.

If you are thinking about doing anything with your home that involves an electrical system, an electrical inspection is a great idea. This inspection gives you a detailed understanding of the system’s condition and needs for the future. To learn more, contact Tidal Electrical Services