Reasons to Install an Electric Car Charging Station at Your Business

More and more businesses are having electric car charging station installations done in their parking lots and parking garages. Thanks to state rebates and federal tax incentives, adding a charging station is becoming more affordable. Adding a car charging station also brings along added benefits for your business. Learning about these benefits can help your business decide whether installing a charging station makes sense for your business.

You Are Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

Individuals and businesses are becoming more conscious of the impact that they have on the environment. As such, people are looking at their actions and trying to do what they can to reduce or minimize their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. As a business owner, you can show your employees, customers, or clients that you are doing your part to go green by installing electric car charging stations.

Having Electric Car Charging Stations Puts Your Company on the Map

One of the lesser-known benefits associated with installing an electric car charging station at your business is that the charging station literally puts your business on the map. Anyone with an electric car uses apps to see where car charging stations are located, allowing them to charge their vehicle when they are out and about. Having a charging station puts your business on all of the apps that show drivers where charging stations are, which may help to spread awareness in regards to your business.

Allows You to Build Customer Loyalty

Those who drive electric vehicles prefer to shop and do business with businesses that have electric car charging stations. This is because they can charge their vehicle while also running errands or handling their personal affairs. If you have a car charging station, your business becomes enticing to those who have electric cars. If you put in a station before your competitors, you can start to build a relationship with individuals and start to build up customer loyalty. This is a great way to draw new customers in, and retain them over time.

Can Be Attractive to Potential Employees

The final reason why you should consider installing an electric car charging station is that it can be an attractive perk to potential employees. Employees who drive an electric vehicle may prefer an employer who has an electric car charger, as it makes it easier to charge their vehicle. Finding good employees can be tough, so having perks that set you apart from other employers can be beneficial for your business.

At Tidal Electrical Services, we know that you may be wondering how to install an electric car charging station, wondering what one will cost, and trying to decide if installing one is ideal for your business. Our knowledgeable staff members can address any questions you may have about electric car charging station installation and care. If you are ready to begin the journey of learning about electric car charging stations and installing one or more at your business, ride the wave with Tidal to get the care you expect and deserve.