How to Choose the Right Commercial Electrician

Hiring a commercial electrician that you can trust calls for a little advanced research. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can tell that the company will be suitable for your needs, and a few that help you narrow down the list. Look for these qualities in an electrician near you before you schedule work.

The Right Experience and Service Offerings

Before you do any vetting of the company, you should start by finding out their experience and services. Some electricians only work in certain industries. Others might only work on new build-outs, but not repairs. Although you will notice plenty of overlap in electricians’ commercial services, it is important to check. If their website does not clarify, do not hesitate to call and ask for more information.

Strict Hiring Standards

As you browse electricians, it is wise to find out the experience and knowledge of the person who will be providing the service. If you hire a small team, it may be easier to confirm. Larger teams offer more comprehensive services, but you should follow up on their hiring standards. Ask about the training and certifications of the people assigned to work on your project. The best businesses maintain high hiring standards for new electricians, with a commitment to staying current on the industry’s best practices.

Current Licenses and Insurance

Electrical work generally requires a license and insurance. Licenses are renewed on a regular basis, and electricians must remain in good standing in order to do so. An active license demonstrates that a professional is committed to following guidelines. When you request a consultation, ask for these items, as well as any other certifications held by the business. Many electricians are happy to provide this information upon your request, but it is also a good idea to search for an active license with the state.

Excellent Service

Although the right service offerings, experience, and licenses are crucial to your project, you should also look for an electrician who provides great customer service. After all, a high level of knowledge and skill does not mean much if you can’t get a return call in the first place. Pay attention to the wait time for a response, and be honest about your experience. The right electrician will be happy to answer questions and eager to get your business.

Great References and Reviews

Experiences that others have had with the electrician can help complete the picture. If there are lots of reviews, try to read the ones specifically related to commercial service. Although customers are more likely to complain about a bad experience than praise a great one, it is wise to listen to the ones who struggled. References and reviews that are mostly positive will give you greater assurance of quality.

Hiring a commercial electrician is easier to do when you follow these tips. By verifying the electrician’s services, qualifications and general business practices, you will be able to make a decision that will meet your expectations for the project.

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