Benefits of a Commercial Generator

Purchasing a commercial backup generator is quite an investment. As such, you may be on the fence about spending the money for the unit itself, plus the cost of commercial generator installation. Learning about the benefits that you may experience and receive when you purchase a generator can help you really decide if investing in one is right for your commercial building or home. Here are three of the most notable benefits associated with having a commercial generator.

Peace of Mind That Your Property Will Have Electricity At All Times

The number one benefit associated with having a commercial backup generator is that you have peace of mind that your building and equipment will have power should your normal power source go out. If there is a storm that knocks power lines over or a car crashes into a power transformer, your normal power source may go down for hours. During this time, buildings without a backup generator will be completely without power. Your employees may be unable to work, which affects productivity and output. You may also be unsure of how long the power will be out for, so you may not know whether to send employees home or keep them hanging around. A backup generator supplies your building with the power it needs to keep everything operational until your normal power supply is restored.

Property Value Increase and Potential Insurance Savings

Another benefit associated with commercial generators is that they can increase the value of your property, while also potentially helping you to save money on your commercial property insurance. One of the reasons why commercial property insurance companies offer discounts if you have a commercial backup generator is because the generator helps to deter theft. During states of emergency, buildings that have no power are easy targets for thieves, as they do not have an alarm system or working cameras. Having a generator installed helps to protect your belongings and deter crime.

Reduces Damage When the Power Comes Back On

The final advantage associated with owning a commercial generator is that the generator helps to reduce damage to your electronics and appliances when the power does come back on. A backup generator helps to minimize voltage fluctuations that occur when the power suddenly comes back on. These power fluctuations can cause sudden jolts of power that can be damaging to any of your electronic items, such as computers, large pieces of machinery, or appliances, such as commercial refrigerators or freezers. Damage from electrical surges can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair, so decreasing the chance of that happening to your equipment is important.

Here at Tidal Electrical Services, we know how important owning a commercial generator can be. It can help you supply power to your building should the power go out, help to increase your property’s value while decreasing your insurance costs, and reduce damage to electronics and appliances once the power comes back on. If you are looking for a company that can help you select the right unit, help with commercial generator installation, or offers commercial generator maintenance, we can help. Call us today to schedule a free estimate at your business.